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Cars web-portal, free-of-charge classifieds system for cars sale/purchase as well as spare parts.
Web-portal users post several hundreed of classifieds daily, as well as pictures.,
Free-of-charge classifieds system for pets owners.

Cars garage and spare parts logistic back-office program "Automagnat".
The program combines the possibilities of stock management and cars garage services provision.
Networking possibilities of the program enables "Automagnat" system participants to use stock resources jointly, perform search queries, orders and delivery of cars spare parts they need.

Automatic universal internet payments platform INTERPLAT.
The platform allows to build an internet payment system from all the modules supplied in no time, as well as to enhance and develop its possibilities in future.

The Shiva system is an ideal solution for automated processing of data simultaneously requested and collected from different sources. It perfectly fit needs of aggregation of information requested simultaneosly in several providers' systems, furthermore, original format of data may be kept as well as data may be converted into single universal format for future purposes.

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